Temperatures at a glance
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
40-53 F 41-55 44-59 48-65 54-72 61-79 65-84 65-84 61-79 54-71 48-63 44-56
4-12 C 5-14 6-15 9-18 12-22 16-26 18-29 19-30 16-26 12-22 9-17 6-14

For detailed up-to-date weather, see the BBC

Optimum Times to visit the area are May-June, late August to the end of October/beginning of November.

Even during the winter, when the temperature rarely falls below 10-12°C and some flowers eg. bougainvillea are still in blossom even as late as Christmas, swimming in the sea is not uncommon.

Off-Season is the best time to visit heritage sites (even though a little more attention must be paid to the time as the days are shorter). It is pleasant, not too hot, and with no humidity.

July-August are the hottest months with temperatures averaging 28-29°C and in recent years becoming a lot more humid. These months are busy; it is holiday time for Italians too. The 15th & 16th of August is a national holiday (Ferragosto).
The summer months are perfect for pool-side lounging and, above all, enjoying the balmy open-air evenings which invariably stretch into the small hours (made more enjoyable by the many local events during this period).

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