Patricia Woeber wrote two articles during her stay on the Amalfi Coast for Angela acted as Patrica’s guide during her visit.

From “Doing Sweet Nothing on Italy’s Amalfi Coast”

But the hotel suggested fun activities in the area, so off we went with local guide Angela Imperato for a complimentary cruise on the hotel’s private launch along the Amalfi coast, with stops for swimming in secluded bays and uninhabited coves and a visit inside the “Emerald Grotto.” This trip gave us up-close views of mountains, fishing villages, villas, and ancient fortified towers — distinguishing features — along the coast.

And “Ravello: Palaces in the Italian Sky”

During our visit, our knowledgeable, local guide Angela Imperato led us to one of the most popular grand properties. Villa Rufolo, 13th century, holds the yearly summer Ravello Festival in its vast grounds among picturesque ruins and colorful ornamental flower gardens. While visiting here, Wagner found inspiration for his magic garden — the Klingsor garden — in “Parsifal,” the opera he composed in 1882.

Another palatial site we toured with Angela was Villa Cimbrone. There is a cloister, a crypt, and statues in formal rose gardens. Woodsy sections hide behind hedges and shrubs. We strolled to the end of the wisteria-covered walkway, where the Terrace of Infinity gave panoramas plummeting down over terraces planted with lemon trees, vineyards, and other produce all the way to the sea.

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