A fantastic and sensitive guide who seems to know all the best local haunts and has so much information about local history. Being shown the wonders of the Amalfi coast by someone who really knows the history and is a part of it works so well.

Professor and Dr Margaret Keighley. M.B.E.

I have known Angela Imperato for some 20 years.  My first encounter of her skills and knowledge of the Amalfi Coast came about with my Brother’s Wedding 15 years ago.  This turned out be a very difficult situation regarding documentation that was missing from the Manchester Diocese of the Catholic Church.  However, Angela knew the precise details of the situation and what was necessary to resolve in order that the wedding could proceed in Ravello. This involved many telephone calls, faxed documents and appointments to the Cathedral in Amalfi.

Previously, to the actual arrival of the wedding party and the Ecclesiastical problems.  Angela had assisted me with the details of Flowers, Church Protocol, Entertainment, Accommodation and Travel.

Her knowledge of the logistics, demographics, traditions, finances, accommodations, shopping and entertainment in and around the Amalfi Coast are second to none.

Having been born and raised in Ravello, and lived in the UK, worked as a representative for many years in Italy, she has gained a perfect Italian and English dialogue.  She well versed in the Arts and the understanding of many worldwide Societies.  This has led to her success in guiding many individuals and groups from all over the World, and many walks of life and professions, around Italy as well as organising Weddings, large and small, and other successful events.

She continues to be involved with local events and projects which often results in her constant dialogue with the United Kingdom and the United States.

I have over the years recommended Angela’s skills to many groups and individuals with excellent outcomes and return visits to Italy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her again.

Miss Philomena-Maria Angela Doyle


First off, Angela is a wonderful human being.  She is one of those types that you just connect with the instant you meet her.  Angela is so well rounded and has her hands in so many various fields and seems an expert in everything she is involved with!  I had the pleasure of working with her at a wedding recently where she managed the entire setup.  It was our first time working together and I had yet to know her abilities, but her professionalism leading up to the wedding left me feeling confident.  Angela was in charge of setting up the entire wedding venue as well as managing all the vendors.  She had a long list of duties and, as in all weddings, many last minute things arose.  Throughout the setup, she was very communicative and took direction very well.  Everything I entrusted in her, she followed through with.  Angela handled everything exceptionally and always with a calm manner.  She is such a delight to work with and I cannot wait to work with her in the future.

Cukie Wedding Planner 2018


“Need a personal tour of Ravello? Ms Angela Imperato is your woman who, having moved from the UK to live in Ravello more than 40 years ago, holds the key insights that will make your visit to Ravello extra special.”

See the Original piece.


Dear Angela

It was a great pleasure, for a brief time to have you as my guide to the towns of Amalfi and Ravello this September of 2015.

Thank you for the lovely time you spent with me, the pleasant conversation and the tastes and smells of local shops and products you introduced me to.

I wish to tell everyone who reads this that Angela, despite the short time I spent with her, managed, with her soft calm and charming conduct, to introduce me and arouse my appetite to see and know more about the area.

We walked the streets of Amalfi first, then Ravello, in her gentle pace, during which I smelled the lemons, the fresh breads, tasted the various oils and CHEESES (ah, the fresh Mozzarella) and espresso, and took in the charm of the streets and pathways, culminating the tour with the impressive majestic panorama view from the Villa Chimbrone in Ravello.
Angela is extremely knowledgeable of the area and its history, and her portrayal of the sites, spiced with stories and anecdotes made the visit, short as it was, a very pleasant experience.


Angela is one of the best resources for exploring and enjoying the Amalfi Coast area. She’s very detailed and knowledgable as well as courteous. She’s our ‘go to’ person without doubt!

Angela is a-guide-inside in the broadest sense. Sure, she can take you around to all the major and minor attractions of the Amalfi Coast that she knows so intimately… but for me that was just the beginning.

If you need a bilingual (English-Italian) business or event liaison with a truly international perspective, then Angela is your person. She was born on the Amalfi Coast and raised and schooled, mostly in England. British, American, Canadian, and Australian visitors will appreciate how quickly they feel at home in the company of this authentic Anglo-Italian wonder woman.

If you don’t find yourself hiring her, directly, for your local event planning and management, then there’s probably a good chance your host hotel has already done so. Whether you require a 2-hour tour or an ongoing partnership for delicate business matters (my own association with her is now in its fourth year), I strongly suggest that you give Angela a call. From Sorrento-to-Salerno, she’s your special guide to La Dolce Vita on La Costa Divina.


Before I met Angela I thought that I already knew quite a lot about Ravello having visited on a number of occasions. How wrong I was in my assumption. Angela has an in depth knowledge of the art and architecture of the Amalfi Coast and will introduce you to hidden treasures that are unlikely to be referred to in the guide books. All is imparted with a friendliness and passion for her subject that adds to the experience. However, what made the tour particularly enjoyable for me was her insider knowledge of the people and traditions of the locality which bring true life to the history of this beautiful part of the world. Angela’s advice about the best places to eat and drink will further enhance your holiday. I can highly recommend calling upon Angela’s expertise to ensure you get the most out of your visit.



As a travel planner, I am always searching for the perfect accommodations, restaurants, destinations and tour guides. I was fortunate a few years ago to have Angela recommended to me for a tour of Ravello for my clients. What a wonderful tour we had of Ravello, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. From that day on, Angela has been my go to tour guide for my myself and clients. Her knowledge and passion for the area is true and authentic. A joy to spend time with and each and every one of my clients had nothing but praise for their experience on Angela’s walking tour. If you are in the beautiful Amalfi Coast area, I would certainly recommend Angela as your guide inside!  Grazie, Angela

Angela, thanks for the wonderful tour you provided our group with this past Sept 2012 of the Amalfi Coast. We had a great day from start to finish.

Angela arranged perfect weather, no traffic, a wonderful lunch with breathtaking views, lots of stories rich in history and culture, visits to some beautiful towns along the coast and a memorable 2000 stairs down to Minori and the sea—loved it!!


If you are planning to visit the spectacular Amalfi Coast, I can wholeheartedly recommend Angela Imperato at A Guide Inside.  Our bespoke, themed tours of the area and glorious strolls around beautiful Ravello were just wonderful, appealing to all our senses.  Angela’s seemingly infinite knowledge and passion for the landscape, architecture, history, food and people kept us entranced and gave us a very real insight into the area.  Nothing is too much trouble for Angela, she makes everything easy – whether it is planning a walk, organising concert tickets, tasting organic buffalo mozzarella, searching out anchovy oil or explaining the different types of ceramics – she can help with it all.  Angela is a lovely person with a delicious sense of humour, a joy and delight to spend time with, her passion and genuine love for her homeland is infectious.  And if you like jewellery, get her to show you some of hers – it’s fabulous.  We’ll be back, Angela!

Revisiting the wonders of the Amalfi Coast was for me a journey, not only of rediscovery, but of new experiences and total enchantment due in no small part to Angela Imperato, the face and voice behind  ‘A Guide Inside’.

Meeting Angela was a delight in itself with her beaming smile and perfect English accent. Angela has made it her mission to be in the know.  Based in Ravello where she has lived for over 30 years, she is well-known and respected for her professionalism and deep knowledge of the area.

Our tours with her were informative, insightful and fun, interspersed with tales of local folklore and amusing anecdotes.  It is clear her enthusiasm for her home and work has not waned and one cannot fail to be inspired.

Angela brings the beauty of the Amalfi Coast to life, both past and present and makes the whole experience magical.

‘Angela does it with pride’.

Due to the fact that there is no central depository or computerized record system for old Italian birth, marriage, and death entries, family history research in Italy can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating.  First, if you don’t read and write Italian, you’re going to have to find a translator for all communications.  Even then, most local (understaffed) record offices are overwhelmed with their regular business and genealogy requests received by post must be politely ignored.

It’s not all the fault of the record system.  American and British researchers are usually surprised to learn that their ancestral family names are so common in a locale that it is often impossible for office staff to make proper identifications without someone present who can further interpretdetails as they pour over indexes and registers. Attempting to do such research from afar is often like trying to fit pieces into a complex puzzle.

For those wishing to extend their family history research on the Costa di Amalfi, I’m happy to say your quest has ended.  Let me introduce, Angela Imperato, of Ravello.  Angela grew up in England but returned to her ancestral home years ago.  She is fluent in both languages, and understands the nuances of the Anglo-Italian cultural exchange. Many Italians find the passion for family history that is fueled by English and American websites to be a little odd.  Angela has shown special talent in interpreting this phenomenon for them.  She wins their confidence and co-operation, gains necessary approvals, and turns chores into treasure hunts. This ability is a natural extension of her many years serving the region as a tour guide.  She understands how to court local favor.  It often proves the key to  her success.

After 8 years of investigating my own Anglo-Italian ancestors from New York City and Clerkenwell, London, it was time to take the search for family back to the Amalfi Coast.  Antonio Mansi, owner of the Hotel Parsifal in Ravello, introduced me to Angela when I visited in Sept. 2010.  I presented her with detailed information regarding my Italian immigrant family in London (1880-1910) and asked to trace their roots in Ravello and nearby Minori.  I agreed to her fee of 25 Euros per hour and gave her a down payment of 300 Euros (further transfers could be made via PayPal).  Then I  went back to Los Angeles and Angela started work within the week.

Six months later, when I elected to pause the research to digest all the information that had come out of Ravello and Minori, Angela had managed to take one of my family root lines back to the birth of a G-G-G-G-G-G Grandfather in 1703.  I have the names of his parents, who were probably born in the 1670s, and have plans to resume the search in a waiting stack of parchment documents which hark back to 1500!  To date, Angela’s work in civil and ecclesiastical records has traced four other root lines into the last quarter of the 18th-century.  Her 19th-century fact-finding was most complete, it included records covering all ancestors and their siblings on three root lines back to the turn of the that century.

Every register entry was photographed and expertly translated into English from the Italian or Latin source.  I found all data to be accurate and well-documented.  Once, when two days of her research came up empty, Angela delivered the bad news.  It was reassuring to know she wouldn’t hesitate to tell me when the well had run dry.  I came to have total faith in our long-distance partnership.  About 75 emails passed between us.  Most contained document translations and image scans.  Angela always managed to add texture in her explanations of the exploration process.  I often felt as if I was standing by her side during the work.  It proved to be an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

How much did it cost?  Over the course of six months, I spent about 2,400 Euros ($3,200).  Which means Angela’s paid involvement in the project for a period of 6 months came to only 12 days.  Given the results, that’s remarkable efficiency.  I’m sure she would have been just as efficient in finding a fact or two, if that’s all I had required.

Angela’s research world spans the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento to Salerno.  Her base of operation is Ravello.  I was fortunate in that she was local to the four record centers most necessary for my investigation.  Research done further afield will obviously cost more due to travel time.  If you’re serious about family history research in this region of Italy, I would recommend you contact Angela Imperato.


On my second visit to Ravello, I wanted to see and experience more of the Amalfi Coast from a gastronomic perspective.  A Guide Inside set up the perfect afternoon for me—a cooking class and feast with chef Giuseppe Francese in Tramonti, a neighboring town to Ravello nestled inland up a fertile, terraced valley. Tramonti is known for its wine, local cheeses and cured meats, indigenous fruits and vegetables, so this cooking class was true magic for the tastebuds.  After training in Northern Italy, the chef returned to his native Tramonti to open his own restaurant—Antichi Sapori—and to share some of the local cuisine with the rest of the world.  Despite his limited English, Chef Francese was gregarious, animated, and passionate about cooking, as was his entire team in the kitchen!  Together we prepared a seven-course meal, tasting as we went along to understand the nuances of local flavors.  We made pastry dough, homemade ravioli with fresh ricotta and sage, and pasta sauces.  We lined ramekins with breadcrumbs and thinly-sliced potatoes and filled them with smoked mozzarella.  We roasted pork, reduced a delicious balsamic wine sauce, and created a lemon dessert with local Sfusato Almafitano lemons that took my breath away.  We drank local wines from Tramonti and savored limoncello and Cunciert’ with homemade biscotti.  Angela, the wonderful owner of A Guide Inside, translated when necessary and made sure the afternoon was seamless, fun, and extraordinary.  And it absolutely was. I  not only left with the recipes from the afternoon, but a deeper appreciation and love for Neapolitan cuisine.  Thank you, Angela!


An absolute highlight of my first trip to the Amalfi Coast was my tour with Angela. She almost embodies Ravello itself — beautiful, understated, and full of marvelous stories.  It was an amazing day from start to finish, with special access to the hidden treasures of the town and its rich and colorful history.  It was unlike any tour I have ever taken, as it was more like a celebration—a celebration of food and culture and romance and community.  Thank you, Angela, for making my introduction to Ravello and its surrounding towns so special and memorable.  Thank you for sharing your passion for your birth place and home, and for creating a day that unfolded as naturally and captivatingly as a great book.  This trip was just the beginning of what I know will be a life-long love affair.

As for our minds and spirits, we fed our souls with evening concerts at the Villa Rufulo, enriched our minds meandering through villages with Angela Imperato, the best guide in Ravello, learning about the architecture, art and history of the Amalfi Coast. To our delight, as a 36 year resident of the Campania region, she also shared her “insider’s knowledge” and availed us to exploring restricted sites and a magnificent private collection of coral and fine art.

One day Angela took us to Maiori where, among other activities, we had the opportunity to purchase gorgeous leather sandals custom made at the family-run sandal shop … that has been making sandals for 40 years. We also visited a fine ceramics factory in Vietri sul Mare where we enjoyed a private tour, learned about their hand-crafted process and watched the artisans as they worked. A real treat was visiting a private residence that until recently was the famed villa of Gore Vidal, named “Rondinaia” (the Swallow’s Nest), a stunning property clinging onto the side of the highest cliff. This was Vidal’s sanctuary of inspiration, where he penned many of his books and where he entertained notable guests such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Maria Callas and Rudolph Nureyev.

Angela’s services were recommended in an article from 24 May 09 on Kentucky.com.

if you want a guide, ask them [Hotel Caruso] to arrange for Angela.

Thank you Angela for a superb day. Our visit to Tramonti visiting local families making wines and producing cheese was a privilege.

The kitchen experience with the chef and his wife was a real treat and something we shall remember for a long time.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to feel part of your culture as opposed to just looking at it, and feel the day has represented exceptional value.

All the best

Experiencing the delights of rural Tramonti was a Mediterranean highlight for us. You planned a day where we experienced the true culture of the Amalfi people.

We visited a family-run winery where the people were very endearing and where they were only interested in pleasing their guests. They are developing some extremely fine local wines & eagerly wanted to share their adventure with us. Another local family operated a farm where wonderful mozzarella & ricotta cheeses are made. This family shared their joy of entertaining and had prepared an amazing sample of their beautiful cheeses to taste.

The third part of our visit was extraordinary and beyond our expectations. We were introduced to a delightful young couple who owned an amazing restaurant where we were invited into the chef’s (the owner) kitchen and where we watched intently as he skilfully prepared eight dishes for us to enjoy. The ingredients were all locally-sourced and the chef willingly shared his culinary secrets with us. He allowed us to make thorough notes and encouraged us to take regular photos of his processes and dishes. Our group of 6 was served this wonderful food, one course at a time, with locally-produced wine to accompany and enhance each plate. Chef Giuseppe and his wife were incredibly hospitable and we left feeling that we had really been absorbed into Italian village life.

We would thoroughly recommend this extra experience to anyone who loves making or eating simple, highly-flavoured, delicious cuisine.

Our sincere thanks to Angela (Ravello) & Ali (Great Village Holidays, NZ) for recognising a need for an activity such as this in our stay in Ravello and organising it to such a degree of perfection.

All the best


Angela, Thanks for making our trip enjoyable. Wonderful to have someone that speaks such fluent English – it was a joy to listen to your informative commentary.

Delightful flowing commentary with familiar terms. Informative but not overwhelming. Frequent breaks too. Frankly I’m impressed.

Our Best Guide in Italy – without doubt.

Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite weaving samples with me. I will follow up the web site. Your bubbly personality and amazing knowledge has certainly enhanced our journey. Thank you Angela.

Thank you Angela – such interesting information making for a great day.

Thanks Angela, We very much enjoyed your informative commenting – your knowledge of the Amalfi Coast’s history and architecture is amazing.

Angela, An absolute delight meeting you and listening to your fluent and attractive accent. Looking forward to a long association with you!


Angela – What a gem you are! We are glad that Bev found you so we had the pleasure of your knowledge! I hope one day to have the experience of travelling with you again. Thank you so much for adding a special touch to my trip.

Angela – Thank you so much for showing us a wonderful tour of the Amalfi Coast area. Your knowledge is wonderful and has made our trip one of a kind. You have made it able for me to understand Italian culture. Thank you so much.

Angela – You have made our trip such a great experience. Your knowledge is amazing and makes our excursions that much more enjoyable! You’ve got a great personality and fabulous jewelry!!

Angela – Thank you so much for making this trip as wonderful as it was. You are amazing with your knowledge and friendly personality. I would recommend you to everyone who is thinking of coming to Italy.

Angela – Your wonderful personality and knowledge of history has made our tour so special and wonderful. Thank you so much for such a special experience. When I return to Italy you are the person I want to be with and I’ll tell all my friends.

Angela has been, for some years, a key part of our Italian programme in giving our clients a brilliant insight into life in Italy with her love and thorough knowledge of the Amalfi Coast Region.

A wealth of knowledge of the Amalfi culture both past and present, and a joy to be in your company.

Angela – you are knowledgeable and FUN! I look forward to working with you in the future.

We found Angela to be a delightful addition to our time in Italy. She is knowledgeable, interesting and fun! Plus the added bonus of no language barrier!

Angela, it’s so special to have a local person give us insight and share the love of Italy! Asking questions and getting knowledgable answers was a delight. Plus I loved your laugh and sense of humor. Thank you.

Your knowledge and experience regarding this region is unparalleled! It was wonderful to have an insider’s guide to the most amazing finds in Italy. Your professional attitude is an asset. I would welcome your guidance on any future journeys to the Amalfi Coast!

Thank you Angela. We enjoyed the two trips of the area that we took with you. I so appreciated your historical knowledge and the wonderful contacts you have and scheduled for us to visit. Ron and I both enjoyed the time we spent with you!

Angela, your knowledge is as wonderful as your grace.

To come without a guide would have been a less informative trip and our knowledge of this area has been increased extensively because of Angela’s knowledge that she has shared.

A very knowlegeable guide and easy to understand, with nice English voice.

A good knowledge of history and able to give us knowledge in good English.

Angela – enjoyed very much your narrations, stories, history lessons and enthusiasm. Thank you, grazie.

Thank you Angela for giving us a local’s view of the passage of history.

Angela, thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of this amazing area.

Very knowledgeable about ‘things’ Italian, perfect English, a great sense of fun, approachable and helpful. Angela you are a guide with a ‘Wow’ factor. Thank you.

Angela, without your guide commentary, our holiday would not have been nearly as enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of the Amalfi Coast with us. Your spoken English and sense of fun is most appreciated. Grazie.

Angela, thank you for your warm, calm and informative way you told us about the Amalfi Coastal area. The love you have for your country is wonderful to experience and made the trip more enjoyable for us.


After such a lovely trip in May, we returned in October and once again used Angela as a guide. As before, both the weather and Angela’s services were fantastic, and I’m sure our trip would have been nowhere near as much fun without her.

The weather was fantastic, but it was Angela’s attentive service as a guide which made the trip so memorable.  She brought each spectacular location to life with the kind of information you never get from a guide book.

From the buffalo at Vannulo to the ruins at Paestum to the hills of Ravello, Angela was the indispensable guide.

Angela was our guide part of the Everyday Gourmet travel tour in Amalfi. She is extremely knowledgeable of the area and a lot of fun to be around. I would highly recommend her for any travel group.

Angela is a marvelous ambassador for Ravello & enthusiastic.  She was the interpreter for Mamma Agata during our cooking classes.  She was invaluable.  Angela would be a wonderful resource and/or guide.


Angela was our guide during a visit to the Amalfi Coast in May 2005.  She was knowledgeable, articulate, and interesting!  An excellent guide!

Dear Angela,
I would like to say a special thank you from myself and my friends who comprised the small group that you accompanied on a lovely excursion down the Amalfi Coast, one beautiful day in October.

You were a wonderful escort, and you provided us with a wealth of information about the area.  Of course, we could have rented a car and made the journey by ourselves … armed with map and guide book, but there is something so much nicer about being accompanied by an engaging escort, such as yourself.  You answered all of our questions, and were a delight to be with.

Seliano was a fun excursion.  It was interesting to see the farm and how it works … all of the animals were fascinating.  The lunch was fantastic!

Paestum was more than I expected.  The temples were huge, and so well-preserved.  The background information you gave us beforehand, perfectly set the stage for our wanderings through the ruins.  The museum was a high point of the day.  It was a brilliant stroke to plan a stop in Vietri on the return trip to Furore.

I think that we were all in a ceramic fog when we finally set out for the Inn.

Again, many thanks for contributing to the beautiful memories of a small group of Americans.  You did a fantastic job!  Warm regards,

I have just spent a week in Ravello and the experience was made all the more pleasurable for having Angela show us around as she has such knowledge of the area and is fluent in Italian and English.

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